Regular Maintenance and Service Plan Agreements

Preventative Maintenance Service Plans are often overlooked but having one, tailored to your needs, is an essential addition to your HVAC system if you want your equipment to operate at its best while you breathing fresh and clean air. Protect your health and your investment and let Angel Climatisation Inc. get the most out of your equipment by keeping it running smoothly and efficiently all year long.

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Why it is needed ?

Once your heating or air conditioning system is properly installed, it is essential to have them maintained. As any mechanical equipment  to efficiently operate your newly installed heating and cooling system require regular periodic checkups and seasonal tune-ups. This can protect longevity of your equipment and maintain its warranty. Skipping this simple step can negatively effect level of  your indoor comfort but more importantly it can jeopardize your health by compromising quality of your indoor air.  This is a small post installation investment that can potentially have a great return and should not taken lightly. Other than monthly maintenance operations such as cleaning the filter of a central air conditioning system, seasonal maintenance operations need to be performed on your HVAC equipment to increase their life expectancy and save you money in the long run.  Tasks such as checking the control circuit, the status of your system components and the pressure of the cooling fluid will guarantee your system’s optimal performance. 

Regular or Annual Service Plan ?

  • All of Our Plans are Customizable.
    Our HVAC specialist will personally assess your individual needs and budget and propose the best solution available to protect your Heating and Cooling equipment
  • When discovered, our technician will address with you any  equipment problem and propose solutions preventing breakage of equipment or component failures
  • With our Annual Plans we manage the maintenance schedule so you don’t need to worry when is the right time for checkups and seasonal tune-ups. 
  • Service Call Priority on all annual plans
  • Download a sample of one of our Preventive Maintenance Plans and take a look for yourself what Angel Climatisation Inc. can do for you and your HVAC equipment.   

Benefits of Having Preventative Maintenance Service Plan with Us

  • Protects your HVAC system investment by maximizing its life expectancy 
  • Maintains warranty on the newly installed equipment

  • Reduces costly repairs and unnecessary emergencies

  • Reduces utility bills by having the equipment running at their optimum rate

  • Provides a more comfortable indoor environment