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Angel Climatisation Inc. has helped home and business owners create the perfect living spaces for their families and customers, delivered efficient and affordable heating and cooling solutions, and provided an exceptional level of care and service experience in every visit. These are their stories.

  • Afsaneh Hassanzadeh 8/15/2017
    Charles Crowley Avatar

    I am very satisfied with Angel a/c heatpump installation.Boris is... read more

    Charles Crowley 9/12/2017
    Francesco Guerriero Avatar

    After a few very high quotes for a new heat... read more

    Francesco Guerriero 5/16/2017
    John Kargakos Avatar

    I have recommended this company after doing some amazing work... read more

    John Kargakos 6/01/2017
    Afsaneh Hassanzadeh Avatar

    I was so happy with this service ,my air condition... read more

    Afsaneh Hassanzadeh 8/02/2017
    Trevor Hagyard Avatar

    I had a broken down Lennox heat pump, 8 years... read more

    Trevor Hagyard 8/29/2016
    Anthony Kent Avatar

    We are fortunate to have known Borce for more than... read more

    Anthony Kent 7/23/2018
    Johnny Koskinas Avatar

    Boris is a machine with tons of experience just purchased... read more

    Johnny Koskinas 9/12/2017
    Brian Marks Avatar

    This was the second time we called Angel Climatisation for... read more

    Brian Marks 3/14/2017
  • Dean A. Avatar

    Very happy with the work from Angel Climatisation very fast... read more

    Dean A. 11/13/2015
    Dominic Scartozzi Avatar

    Excellent service. Borce and his assistant did a quick and... read more

    Dominic Scartozzi 8/11/2018
    Henk Mohanlal Avatar

    Very impressed by the depth of knowledge and experience!! Based... read more

    Henk Mohanlal 6/18/2018
    Maxim Spirin Avatar

    We are very pleased with the service we received from... read more

    Maxim Spirin 5/31/2019
    Judy Koller Avatar

    Called for service during the heat wave and was booked... read more

    Judy Koller 7/28/2018
    J. Lazare Avatar

    Borce replaced our air conditioning unit in a unique way,... read more

    J. Lazare 4/29/2018

    Charles Nichilo 7/14/2017
    Maren Gube Avatar

    Our air conditioner stopped working on one of the hottest... read more

    Maren Gube 8/28/2018
    Sabrina Nichilo Avatar

    It is with pleasure that I write this recommendation. I... read more

    Sabrina Nichilo 4/11/2014
  • Alexandra Guay Avatar

    Excellent service, great people and really competitive prices! I would... read more

    Alexandra Guay 1/24/2017
    nadia calligaris Avatar

    Called and was answered promptly by Borce, and not an... read more

    nadia calligaris 3/17/2018

    Matthieu Gagne 10/14/2017
    Ahmed Chaouachi Avatar

    I have been a client of Angel Climatisation Inc since... read more

    Ahmed Chaouachi 6/21/2016
    MIchael Malley Avatar

    During the last heat wave, the servicing agent for our... read more

    MIchael Malley 7/24/2018
    Lissette Pena Avatar

    Hello everyone. I am in NUNS ISLAND and this gentleman... read more

    Lissette Pena 6/07/2016
    Mark Feigelman Avatar

    Very quick service. Came the next day as promised and... read more

    Mark Feigelman 1/20/2019

    They arrived early. We're absolutely professional. Obviously knew exactly what... read more

    Jacqueline Snider 9/25/2017
    Charles Fong Avatar

    Borce was very prompt and communicated needed details. The work... read more

    Charles Fong 5/06/2019
  • vicki asaro Avatar

    Excellent service. Work was done quickly and efficiently. Everything was... read more

    vicki asaro 9/26/2017

    Borce is a great guy and stands behind his work.... read more

    Jason Di Marco 11/11/2017
    Sarit Eirew Avatar

    Amazing service. Every time we call he answered right away... read more

    Sarit Eirew 5/14/2019
    Serpico elgrande Avatar

    Mr. Borce was very diligent and seems to be a... read more

    Serpico elgrande 11/15/2016
    Phyllis Kung Avatar

    My husband and I highly recommend Angel Climatisation. Our heating... read more

    Phyllis Kung 6/03/2016
    Themi Kotsiras Avatar

    Prompt appointment on time. Very thorough explanation with what needs... read more

    Themi Kotsiras 6/10/2014
    Steve Rosenfeld Avatar

    We had a major issue with our oil furnace and... read more

    Steve Rosenfeld 1/15/2016
    Stanley Chan Avatar

    I had a great experience working with Borce and Angel... read more

    Stanley Chan 7/26/2018
    coollady Avatar

    Top rating for Angel Climatisation Inc. Thank you, Borce, for... read more

    coollady 11/21/2016
  • Johnny Koskinas Avatar

    Boris is a machine with tons of experience just purchased... read more

    Johnny Koskinas 5/18/2018
    non-member118683 @ Avatar

    5 star job and service He did an excellent job,... read more

    non-member118683 @ 8/09/2016
    Martin Coufal Avatar

    Thank you for the AMAZING service and honest pricing !!!... read more

    Martin Coufal 1/12/2018
    Bowes Media Avatar

    I hired Angel to install a full home humidifier. They... read more

    Bowes Media 5/01/2018
    Omar Thib Avatar

    Guys you are the best. Instant response , arrived on... read more

    Omar Thib 9/11/2018
    David Mcrae Avatar

    Impressive work the experience definitely shows! Very satisfied would absolutely... read more

    David Mcrae 2/11/2016
    Sofie Rivet Avatar

    Excellent service de leur part. Ils ont bien évalué ma... read more

    Sofie Rivet 5/11/2005
    George Valis Avatar

    Prompt, professional and well priced. I own a seniors... read more

    George Valis 1/23/2019
    Azeen Haji Avatar

    Excellent service. Arrived on time and most of all, HONEST!... read more

    Azeen Haji 12/28/2017
  • Simon Apuzzo Avatar

    Wonderful customer service experience. Borce found the problem fast and... read more

    Simon Apuzzo 8/03/2018
    Maryse Huston Avatar

    Nice guy and amazingly fast service. Would highly recommend angel climatisation.

    Maryse Huston 9/05/2017

    We had a problem with our furnace right after the... read more

    Quinton Shourie 12/27/2017

    you are a lifesaver,still remember the winter you saved mine,thank... read more

    Jul Jen 8/16/2017

    Sapo Corzo 8/15/2017
    Martin Coufal Avatar

    Borce did an AMAZING job. He quickly fixed what was... read more

    Martin Coufal 2/20/2018
    djxcrx88 Avatar

    Mr. Borce just left our house, I feel compelled to... read more

    djxcrx88 8/29/2016
    Alex Levesque Avatar

    Service impéccable et professionnel ! Je recommande sans aucun doute... read more

    Alex Levesque 1/24/2017
    Henk M. Avatar

    Impressed that he could make an accurate diagnosis based on... read more

    Henk M. 6/02/2018
  • Roger H. Avatar

    5 star rating Great service. Arrived on time and fixed my a/c in... read more

    Roger H. 8/01/2018
    Ian Watson Avatar

    What I like most about Borce at Angel Climatisation is... read more

    Ian Watson 1/09/2019
    non-member124385 @ Avatar

    Service de QUALITE! Borce, merci beaucoup pour ton service exceptionnel... read more

    non-member124385 @ 1/25/2017
    Johnstar Karnage Avatar

    I have recommended this company after doing some amazing work... read more

    Johnstar Karnage 1/24/2017
    Jim Bryan Avatar

    Angel Climatisation - Borce and crew, were selected by my... read more

    Jim Bryan 1/19/2019

    Rubens Verni 1/01/2018
    Yves Champagne Avatar

    I just had a new heating system put in last... read more

    Yves Champagne 1/23/2019
    Paul Sourour Avatar

    Dealt with Boris twice in a week. Was punctual both... read more

    Paul Sourour 7/11/2017
    Camille Pelletier-Tremblay Avatar

    Would recommand to any one! Service was well executed and... read more

    Camille Pelletier-Tremblay 1/25/2017
  • chas Avatar

    I recommend angel a/c for your heating and a/c service.... read more

    chas 9/14/2017
    Judy Hardy Avatar

    Excellent service! Always available to fix problems quickly! Very pleasant... read more

    Judy Hardy 1/11/2019
    Karel Alonso Avatar

    The best of the best company I never have a... read more

    Karel Alonso 11/07/2017
    Maxim Spirin Avatar

    We are very pleased with the service we received from... read more

    Maxim Spirin 5/20/2019
    The-Minh Tu Avatar

    It was hot, our AC (heat pump "Trane") was not... read more

    The-Minh Tu 6/06/2016
    Cindy Riding Avatar

    I am happy to recommend Angel Climatisation Inc. Borce diagnosed... read more

    Cindy Riding 6/10/2014
    Samuel Laforest Avatar

    I would definitely highly recommend Borce, he is clearly a... read more

    Samuel Laforest 1/14/2017
    Natalia Pakai Avatar

    Amazing company.Boris is the real deal.Cleaned and repaired my furnace... read more

    Natalia Pakai 9/12/2017

    Great service! Would highly recommend angel climatisation!

    Maryse Huston 9/02/2017
  • Naim Smith Avatar

    Needed a new A/C installed. Borce came in on short... read more

    Naim Smith 7/25/2017
    Effie K Avatar

    I would highly recommend Angel Climatisation. Service is very fast... read more

    Effie K 9/02/2017
    Quin Avatar

    My gas furnace broke down just after the holiday, Angel... read more

    Quin 12/27/2017
    Susan Joyce Avatar

    I am extremely happy with Boyce with Angel Climatization. ... read more

    Susan Joyce 11/09/2017

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