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Why it is needed ?

Preventative Maintenance Service Plans are often overlooked, but having one tailored to your needs is essential for ensuring your equipment operates at its best and experiences minimal breakdowns.

If your air conditioner constantly needs repair services, you might need a new installation. We’ll collaborate with you to choose the ideal solution for your family and budget.

Regular maintenance might help stop the majority of issues

Once your heating or air conditioning system is properly installed, it is essential to have it maintained. In addition to monthly maintenance operations like cleaning the filter of a central air conditioning system, seasonal maintenance should be performed on your HVAC equipment to extend its life and save you money in the long run. Tasks such as checking the control circuit, system component status, and cooling fluid pressure will guarantee your system’s optimal performance and significantly impact your household budget and personal comfort.

Even newly installed heating and cooling systems require regular periodic checkups and seasonal tune-ups, just like any mechanical equipment. This often-overlooked step can protect your equipment’s longevity and maintain its warranty. Skipping it can compromise your indoor comfort and health due to poor air quality. This small post-installation investment can potentially have a significant return and should not be overlooked.

Benefits of Having Preventative Maintenance Service

  • Maintains warranty on the newly installed equipment
  • Prevents unnecessary breakdowns or component failures
  • Protects your HVAC system investment by maximizing its life expectancy
  • Reduces costly repairs and unnecessary emergencies
  • Lowers utility bills by having the equipment running optimally

  • Enhances indoor comfort by ensuring the HVAC system runs at its best

  • Service Call Priority

Selecting Right Service Plan

All our plans are customizable, and we believe there is a solution for every situation. Our HVAC specialists will personally assess your system needs and budget. You’ll receive a custom service plan proposal for your heating and cooling equipment protection.
Sign up for our Annual Plan and let us worry about scheduling checkups and seasonal tune-ups. At Angel Climatisation Inc., we’ll ensure your system is always ready on time and running at its best.
Should an issue be discovered during an inspection, our technician will address it with you first, providing full information about the problem and its solution. Whether you need commercial HVAC maintenance, quality air ventilation services LLC, or an air conditioning protection plan, we have you covered.

Ask us for a sample of one of our Preventative Maintenance Plans to see what Angel Climatisation Inc. can do for you and your HVAC equipment.


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JASON ZIDLE - 7/07/2022